Liam's Luck and Finnegan's Fortune

Is Finnegan's four-leaf clover really lucky? That's what the young bee tells Liam, and boy- does Liam's luck start to change. First he catches more fish than ever before, and then he makes an unbelievable discovery. What Finnegan doesn't know is that someone important knows about his new lucky clover and wants Finnegan to help him discover why the forest is changing. Can Liam's luck and Finnegan's fortune help save the forest and all of its creatures?

School Presentations

Timothy Kiernan is available for school presentations. Find out more about his school presentations here.

School Give Back Program

In conjunction with the book's theme on sharing, $2.00 from each book sold through my website will be sent to a school of the purchaser's choice. After purchasing the book, simply email me at with the school's name, address and person you want the donation to be designated from.


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Praise for Liam's Luck and Finnegan's Fortune

Finnegan's Buzz

"Liam's Luck and Finnegan's Fortune is a wonderful piece of fiction for young readers. Finnegan creates something amazing simply because he is curious, and in the end, he shares his fortune with others so they too can enjoy it. The book also shows how one good deed can have an effect on a large number of individuals."

—Heather Shubnell, Elementary School Principal

Finnegan's Buzz

"I'm almost eight years old and I really liked Liam's Luck and Finnegan's Fortune. All of the characters were really good, but my favorite was Finnegan. He taught me the importance of working hard and behaving in school."

—Tyler L., Elementary Student